My dream autumn wardrobe

I’m sat in my living room and its dark at 7.30pm! It is definitely autumn now, I can almost smell the pumpkin spice in the air.

So, bring out those jumpers that we forgot about in the heat wave, set free the scarves, hats and snug coats! For any gaps in your colder wardrobe attire here are some of my fav pics for the season:

A generous turtleneck. 

This one is from H&M, only £17.99!! I’m channeling my inner Diana Bishop in this (who else has been watching ‘A Discovery of Witches’ on Sky?) She looks so effortless in her studious chic. A soft, autumn coloured turtleneck is definitely needed this year. The generous neckline helps banish any worries of it choking you or getting too stuffy.





A Doctor’s Coat

As my partner would call it – he said that’s what doctors wear (I’ll have to buy him one when he graduates). I have a gorgeous grey version. This and my one you can own for £20 from Primark! I can’t believe the warmth and quality as well. You can team this with a chunky knit scarf or fluffy hat and voilà you are all wrapped up ready for running through the winter leaves (don’t tell the groundskeepers of the world I said that)!





Boots Of Dreams

These are my unattainable (for now) boots of my dreams from Sezane called Léa Boots. They’re quite expensive – about £174. Boots and some grey knitted tights and a cute dungaree dress = perfect outfit for anytime of day!






A Blanket Scarf

This is a gorgeously bright number from Accessorize! A blanket scarf is so huge you can get lost in it whilst walking to work or drinks with friends. A plus is that if it does get cold if you’re sitting in a bar/ restaurant you can open it out and wrap it around your shoulders.



green and orange squash
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

So, these are some of my pics for Autumn/ Winter 2018. I can’t believe Summer has come and gone already! I love the summer but I can’t lie that I’m looking forward to twinkly fairy lights and feeling snuggly at home with my partner and doglets.

*Disclaimer: None of this is advertising – just brands & clothes I love*

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