November 2019

Hi all,

Sorry I couldn’t think of a more original title for today’s post.

I hope those of you that are reading this are great and settling into the colder time of year with plenty of layers and hot drinks!

I thought I’d just dive in with me at the mo…

As I am an actress, finding work that fits into a schedule that has no schedule and also supports me financially has been a struggle. I found being a waitress suited for a while, and I worked with a great group of people, in a fantastic restaurant. However, I felt at times I was letting them down (I took more or less 2 months off for a job at a peak time when they needed the staff) and when it was quiet at work, so was the acting, so when I didn’t earn, I really didn’t earn! Biggest tip is stay with your folks or people that can support you until you get your first break – where you can actually support yourself until the next job. If you settle into a lifestyle that is more than a penniless student and you find you can’t support yourself this will be when you sink into a job you don’t want and acting will seem farther and farther away.

So, I had a dilemma, Matt & I needed to move for his University, so we were closer to where his studies were moving to and (after some of the worlds longest bike rides) I realised I couldn’t stay at the restaurant. I always joked that to train to be a teacher would be me giving up on my dreams but as I’m a little older I have realised it will be another string to my bow. A great place to create strong foundations from which I can launch into acting without any financial worries, or less than I have now! So, I applied in the last week of July, had an interview in mid August and start full time studies in September. I still feel wrapped up in the whirlwind as we speak!

Whilst I hope teaching will form a secure career and income around future acting projects, I admit for now it will probably just help me focus on theatre classes and going to the theatre. Hopefully in a few years I’ll find more of a real balance between the two careers!

I have decided, after wasting this platform – I think the last post is dated this time last year!! I am going to share some of my PGCE experiences as well as other bits and pieces from life.

But for now, I have a pile of work taller than me – a PGCE is paperwork heaven so make sure you get in those Arch Lever Files! So, I shall leave it there.

book shelves book stack bookcase books


Thanks for reading!

L xx

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