Being quiet

Hi folks,

I haven’t posted on here in a really long time and I won’t be promising I am back on the wagon just yet but here’s a bit of an update…

What’s been happening since May! That’s the last time I posted on here – wow. I have been working more or less 7 day weeks that’s what!

My current work life:





So mega exciting things have been going on recently, in May I began some small time extra work which finished last week. But after I started that role I was offered a walk-on part and later a featured background role in a film to be released next year. That has filled up a lot of my time since then and whilst I can’t tell you more, I am excited to show you when it’s all made public!

Currently, I am rehearsing for a play about 1950s Hollywood icons all showing up to a screen test at the same time. I’m the fresh faced Audrey Hepburn, trying to get a look in with a studio who ends up getting involved in this screen test! My looks are certainly interesting for this role – I suppose I would fit a very plain Marilyn more than the dainty Hepburn but here’s to an exciting transformation come November.

woman on black tank top
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Last year I completed TEFL training which makes me qualified to teach English as a foreign language. As I like to keep myself flexible for acting, I decided to privately teach, I have now settled on teaching a lovely brother and sister from Spain and this has proven very successful! I find it really fun to learn new techniques to teach different subjects and also learn about the different exams which are available to students in the UK but also overseas. Hopefully I can feel confident to take on more students but for now I am happy with just my current students!

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I like to say I’m an actor in disguise as a waitress! I work here more or less part time and it’s a small restaurant with a small team, so whilst there’s the stresses of work that come out from time to time it’s a fun place to work, all of us being around the same age too.

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So, this is what I’m doing at the moment. It may not be all that exciting but it’s keeping me busy and away from here! I need some hygge in my life so when I fit it into my schedule I’ll let you know how!

Did I mention it’s my Birthday month too!!

L xx

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