Waste not Want not: Getting rid of Plastic

We knew long before Blue Planet’s upsetting tales of plastic in our oceans that we are destroying this planet we call home.

But, I am so pleased that David Attenborough was able to shake so much of the world into action!

I struggle just like everyone to try to rid plastic from my life but here are some ways I believe we can all reduce our plastic footprint.

  1. Find yourself some reusable bags. Deal with it Kon Mari style and gather all the bags in your house that you would use for shopping. All the plastic bags leave the one side. All your canvas bags/ bags for life sort through which you want to keep. Give those you don’t want back to the supermarket, they recycle them into new ones and give your canvas ones away or recycle at home. Keep your plastics and use them in place of bin liners until they are used up. They’re not recycled but at least they are being put to good use.
  2. Buy fresh fruit & veg out of packaging. Either visit your green grocers or buy what’s lose at your local supermarket and use those trusty bags you sorted out earlier. Getting rid of those plastic containers and cling film style plastics is great! Where I live, coloured plastic can’t be recycled so it’s super important to buy mushrooms from the green grocers for example because they tend to be packaged in black plastic!
  3. Buy biodegradable poo bags for your doggies. They are a thing! Whilst the poo goes in the black bin it is reassuring to know it can be left to biodegrade in the dump instead of lying around for years.
  4. Refill containers! Many smaller shops will now fill your own containers with grains, pulses, rice as well as, olives and deli goods. You just go to the counter, they weigh your container and off you go!
  5. Ditch the coffee shop cups. I think this is something all coffee shops do now. If you bring your own cup they will make your coffee or hot drink in that. Some coffee shops are even said to give a discount if you produce your own cup! Obviously this is only takeaway – they do provide their own mugs for drinking in!

Have a go at implementing some of all of these top tips and let me know how you go!

L xx


A must for some shocking plastic in nature images and info too – follow this link.

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