Blogging: Month 3

Hi all,

As it is March already I find I am entering my third month of blogging. I’m very excited by this! Here’s what I have discovered…


You need structure. I shamefully still haven’t found mine. I think it’s going to involve a lot of work, studying what my readers find most interesting on my blog and going from there to create something I’m passionate about but also that my readers are too!


Images are key. I’m about to upgrade my phone so hopefully I’ll get one with a better quality camera. Just like Instagram, if you have beautiful photographs then people will want to stay involved! I’ve been reading lots of blog posts where routines are shared and the most successful are the ones who have strong ideas with location and looks, who then go out and shoot perhaps one or two days a week to create an album for the week’s posts.


Write in advance. Just because you are sharing a post on a Wednesday afternoon does not mean you have to have written it that morning. Lots of bloggers, including me, are working this around another job or families so it’s important to plan and write your posts when you can, in advance. This will also help with structure! I’ve read articles where bloggers write their posts on a Sunday ready for the week, or split their time writing over a few days a week. By all means, be inspired and write those impromptu posts on the same day you publish them but I think the general rule of thumb is best to pre-plan and set a timer for WordPress to go ahead and post it for you later in the week. (Not an advert) but a blogger I really like, her Instagram is lush, is a woman named Steffy. Follow this link to her super interesting post about her weekly blogging routine – very helpful for start up bloggers if you’re serious, just to have a glance at the hard work involved!


Use social media. I’ve signed up to receive blogging tip e-mails by Carly of, who gives great advice for newbies. Here’s a link to her post about her Pinterest success: Pinteresting Strategies. It’s provides links to more info and her eBook about how to successfully use Pinterest to help build a following on your blog. (This is not an advert, I just think she’s really honest about how blogging works for her and gives some great advice). I think linking social media together to create a following is a great idea and also may create promotional opportunities in the future. Instagram, I find super fun as I love sharing photos with everyone and Pinterest I have always loved for personal use so I’m excited that I’m now using it to aid my blog’s success!

Discovering these ideas will hopefully aid my blog’s success and I will let you know how I progress. Let me know in the comments below if any of these have really turned your blogging experience around for the better!

L xx



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