March 2018

Hi all,

So, another month is upon us, I can safely say it doesn’t feel like March, sat on my lunch break looking out at the snow! I hope you all kept yourselves warm these last few days and enjoyed making snowmen and snow angels.


Another month means more celebrations. This month is actually quite hectic for my family. We’ve already brought in March with St. David’s day and Baba Marta on the 1st of March and my parents are celebrating Liberation Day in Sofia today. With Mother’s Day on it’s way next weekend it’s looking busy.

For those of you who don’t know what Baba Marta is check out this video. I use this channel when my parent’s tell me about the various celebrations they have in Bulgaria (I’m jealous because they have a lot) and I want to learn a little more – BulgarianPod101. We help celebrate over here in the UK by wearing red and white bracelets that we only remove when we see blossom on the tress, then we tie them to the branches. When I visited my parents for Christmas I still saw the previous years bracelets tied to the trees.


St. David’s Day because my partner is Welsh and having lived in Wales for 5 years it’s hard not to want to celebrate this day! An excuse to be patriotic, wear Red or Green or if you’re little dress up in gorgeous little traditional Welsh outfits (when I worked at a primary school most of the little ones did this) or wear a festive leek or daffodil head-dress. For Liberation Day in Bulgaria, my parents have said they will see what celebrations the capital are having as it’s 140 years of liberation this year but very aptly the snow has begun to melt rapidly. So for them they said it’s like nature liberating the city from the cold, harshness of winter.


Mother’s Day this year falls on the 11th March for the UK, in other countries it varies but some dates include 8th March and the 25th March. So, what special moments can you create for you Mum? I’ll be sharing some of my top Mother’s Day ideas in my Little Moments section of the blog. I hope to also bring you some delicious dishes in the Feast category and some great Mother’s Day outfits if, like us, you’re going out for the day, in The Clothes I Wear.

Sticking with tradition I’m afraid I haven’t posted my monthly letter on the first but hopefully a few days in I’ll be forgiven for. I hope you have enjoyed your burst of, almost springtime, snow and that the defrost does not leave it too icy in your area.

Keep safe and keep warm.

L xx

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