It’s a Snow Day: Keeping warm

It’s snowing outside. I’ve just been out walking one of the doggies in it and it’s lovely. But it’s cold and for those who have to travel today, perhaps not ideal. The ‘beast of the east’ as it’s been named in the UK – but I prefer the ‘Siberian Bear’ which other nations have nicknamed it, is set to be with us for a little while longer.

Snow 2018
Old milk bottles from my parent’s

So, here are some of my tips of what to do to keep warm:

For outside

  • A layer of thermals is a must… a vest top or thin long sleeve top would work and maybe some thick tights under your trousers. (Personally I went for 3 pairs of tights and a skirt today).
  • Don’t be afraid of layering. So long as you’ve got one of those right on trend big jumpers, you can hide a multiple of sins and layers underneath! My layers, for reference, tend to include the thermal layer (a long sleeved top pour moi), another top on over the top, a big, wooly jumper and then my coat over the top, which has two layers in itself. Tights or leggings go under trousers and a big pair of chunky socks to go in some boots or wellies. I then prefer ear muffs over a hat, a very large scarf and gloves!
  • Wear waterproof shoes. This is a definite way that the cold can sneak in otherwise. If you shoes are wet and not waterproof, you will regret it when you have to live in soggy socks all day.


For inside -A more pleasant thought…. blankets, animals, hot drinks, soup and more layers.

  • If like me, you are on a budget, then heating is a luxury you need to fork out on but if it can be avoided then you try to do so. Layers make everything better, I tend to find pyjama bottoms that are fleecy (get that Christmas pair back out) with my biggest knitted jumper does the trick, slipper socks and slippers too!
  • Top tip for heating: time it so it comes on 30 mins before your alarm, so it’s on when you wake up. Then towards the end of the evening too, that way your house should stay relatively warm all day – jumpers may still be needed.
  • An excuse to practice some hygge. Stay in bed or curl up on the sofa. Grab a book or a movie you’ve been meaning to watch. Using blankets and cuddles from animals for heat (cue my two doggies) you can sit back and enjoy watching the snow from your little hygge nest.


I am writing this from said hygge ‘nest’ and I am enjoying looking out over the falling snow. I may get up for another cup of tea soon. Enjoy the snow when you can and be patient when you can’t. Keep warm. Keep safe.

L xx

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