Card designers I love


For Valentine’s Day I truly think it best to make your own cards as it’s a special gift for your special someone and I also think it has become a gimmick that big companies exploit. You will have special days with loved ones where buying something special or a card would be truly lovely – such as an anniversary for your engagement or wedding, rather than a day someone else has provided. I do enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day, just in a more spread out way, more about the time and thoughtfulness of it rather than the commercial side of it (just for the record)!

I am also not against buying cards and supporting artists and small businesses! So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some card makers and artists I love at the moment.


So, in no particular order here are some I love:

  1. Sophie Corrigan – I’ve ordered from her before for Christmas cards, love her illustrations and she likes to use puns which I love! You should check out her website (I’ve linked up the artist’s names so you can shop their wares).
  2. Jade Fisher – Her work is colourful, playful and has a cut out style to it. Lush!
  3. Kate Broughton – She is someone I have only just come across but she is from Yorkshire and her drawings are really clean lined and happy. The cards are printed on recycled kraft card so they look quite unique. I was looking through her Etsy page and saw a lovely bumblebee print on a card!
  4. Naomi Bulger – Naomi isn’t so much about the card making but I wanted to share a link to her page because I think her drawings are beautiful. She likes to try and focus on a slower paced lifestyle and if you follow her Instagram – I highly recommend – you see the marvellous letter projects and she runs courses on this also! She will inspire you to write a love letter let alone make your own cards!
  5. Cloudy Thurstag – Again, not a card designer but I love her style! We own a print of hers and it looks just like us. You can have work commissioned and it is gorgeous. This is definitely something I want to save up for.

As some of these artists aren’t card makers, I suppose I’m really just sharing the styles I enjoy. I order online but also pop down to my local stores where they buy in cards from local artists and they have similar styles. If you find inspiration for what you like online, sometimes it can make it easier to find a card that you like in person. It’s also lovely to invest in art. I have a real yearning to create a collection of art so that people will come to my home and enjoy them like I do.

Let me know if there’s anyone you think I should discover!

L xx

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