I love you ‘berry’ much: Valentine’s Day Puns

Another way to avoid the gimmicks of Valentine’s Day is to make your own cards! The industry for these cards is huge and whilst there are gorgeous illustrators who make unique cards, most of us have to admit we rush out the day before preventing us from ordering special ones that take a few days in the post.


I love a good pun. At university I had a flatmate who never stopped punning so I thought I’d find some great Valentine’s day puns to adorn your homemade wonders. (I find the sillier the better). Here are 10 I’ve stumbled across lately:

  1. You’re tea-riffic! For all the tea-lovers.
  2. We’re a perfect match. I have used this for an engagement card in the past and drew 2 match sticks holding hands.
  3. Let’s avo-cuddle. For all the avocado fiends out there – we know you still exist!
  4. I donut what I’d do without you. Self explanatory.
  5. We’re a matcha made in heaven! Everyone who loves matcha raise your hands.
  6. I love you from my head tomatoes. Literally can’t stop giggling!
  7. Olive you. Short but sweet.
  8. I love you a latte. Doodle a little latte cup with the cutest smile and voila.
  9. You are dino-mite. Love a dinosaur! Which one would you pick?
  10. You’re my main squeeze! A zesty choice to finish.

I hope these are helpful guys, making your own card can be as simple as writing one of these in big block letters, or accompanied by a little doodle. Have a great day, celebrating or not celebrating. Let us know what you picked if you made a card using one of these!

L xx

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