February Update

Me as a Snapchat dog

Hi all!

February is upon us! Already? New year has come and gone and so have your resolutions perhaps. I never made one but I certainly had the idea as to chopping and changing some things around my home. To shift some of my clutter I’ve accumulated during the years and to create a more organised, clear but cozy home.

Not a lot to ask… but I believe it can be done. Some of my posts will include projects like: decluttering my wardrobe, organising my spare room and cooking up some vegan goodies to keep me fuelled.

Some inspiration to get me going definitely include Instagram, some interior shots I’m seeing are really channeling the hygge, simple but cozy look I’m craving. See Astrid Mostert of dutchlivings.comlaurenconrad.com and tinyhousemama who is all things decor on her page – they’re just a small handful of the lovely pages I love to follow for inspiration. Check me out on Instagram too at blondehygge and you can see the others I follow for inspiration!

Another massive help for sorting out your possessions is the book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo. This book is a must read if getting rid of clutter is a serious plan of yours. She has left me with a clear mind on what to keep and throw and I cannot wait to get started. I’ll be writing up some of my adventures with this also!

Obviously it is the month of love, so if like me you’re not big on valentine’s Day, we will also be sharing some ways to use it as an excuse to do special things – just quieter. So, this month I’ll be sharing some posts on The Little Moments and how you might bring some small town love into your February. Other adventures will include my Tidying Chronicles, trying out some of my newly learnt techniques and letting you know my twist on them and how I *hopefully* achieve the ultimate tidy. Whilst tidying though, I do want to keep that warmth and coziness I already have in my home so I’ll be sharing some of the ways I like to be hygge in How to be Hygge. Obviously – as a Brit and not a Dane, this is not a post full of definitive answers, ha! But I do hope you enjoy my interpretation. As tidying seems to be a bigger theme than love in my February postings, I will also be delving into my (again) *hopefully* slimmed down wardrobe to show what my style is in The Clothes I Wear. Don’t forget throughout all this sorting a girl has got to eat! So in Feasts I will be sharing some of my favourite recipes to keep me fuelled and warm.

Let me know what you think, are there any particular tips and tricks you’d like me to explore whilst tidying, maybe I can share these in my Tidying Chronicles? Also if you want to see something that you feel is missing, comment below! I’m new to this blogging lark and really excited that I’m finally doing it but I may be missing something – maybe you know what that is?

Look forward to hearing from you and I hope you have a fantastic week!

L xx

P.s. (Love a good P.s.) Sorry that this hasn’t been published on the 1st February, getting used to the blogging lark means I’m still ironing bits and bobs out. The 5th isn’t too bad though… right?

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