Starting a blog.


Why start a blog?

For me, I’m at a stage where it would be great if I could make an income from home, alongside earning money acting. I have a furry family that need lots of walking and attention, a partner in full time education at university and a house that needs some serious love!

I took a few months to do some research and these were my findings:

1. It’s hard work! Blogging is a full time job, you should set aside time for scheduled work. Just like you might go to an office and work, you should also do this with your blog – Not saying if something gorgeously spontaneous comes about not to write about it. Write that post! But at least an idea of what you’re writing and when will truly help structure your website.

I am very new to this line of work and am enjoying my experience so far. Today I wrote my new schedule so am ready to set my blog off full steam ahead from Monday.

2. It helps to have a niché. I fell in love with hygge when the word first started to get banded around in the UK. The idea of mindfulness, enjoying everything big and small in my life and focusing on the detail is what I want to share with the world. By exploring topics such a hygge, food and lifestyle choices like sustainable eating and what I wear, I hope to hit this niché.

3. Don’t get conned! I looked into lots of different websites that claimed to help set you up better than any other company and that it only costs x,y&z. I found many of the websites used WordPress and so I came straight to the source in the end. I found choosing WordPress saved me money and made the process of designing my blog really easy. It’s up to you who you choose to build your website with but WordPress was affordable and offers a refund during the first 30 days if you realise maybe this isn’t for you. I also found them super helpful when I realised I bought the wrong plan for me, I spoke to one of their online team and they showed me how to pay the difference and upgrade. The great thing is that this online team are there the whole time, to help answer any queries you may have along your journey.

4. Ads pay! In the beginning I am predicting this will be my form of income. We will see but this is where WordPress helped me again! With their Premium plan I was able to use their advertising setup called WordAds which, once you apply, sets itself up to place topical adverts on your blog posts and where your chosen theme allows them to go. I’m hoping this will be a fruitful part of my blog.


I may post again in the future with more information I have learnt from my experiences blogging but so far these are my must know bits of info.

1. Give your blog the time it deserves!

2. Have a niché.

3. Research. Research. Research.

4. Adverts are your friends!

Good luck with your own adventures.

L xx



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