Tidying Chronicles: Clothes

I am using my inspiration from Marie Kondo as my driving force to kick start decluttering our home. To start: clothes.

She advises you start with clothes as they are the easiest to sort through. I guess, some may be broken, too big or small and some may be gifts that you would never wear. Hence, easier to see an immediate result. I started with tops as advised.

The trick is, does this item of clothing bring you joy? Using this method I have actually donated half my tops to charity today. I’m pretty chuffed. Reading Kondo’s book made me realise a lot of tops I owned were still in my draws because they pleased other people, rather than me. For example, a top handed down to me from my gorgeous Mummy, a few sizes too big but we’d decided at the time that it didn’t matter and I liked the colour. However, I picked it up today and realised I’d not worn it in over a year! I thanked it for it’s time with me and put it in the charity bag. Yes – thanking is part of Kondo’s method and I have to say I find it peaceful so I’ve stuck to that rule. I also bagged up all the tops that were snagged or ripped to get recycled. Nothing need be binned!

I carried on with the method of what brings me joy with my dresses, shirts and jumpers and I found this very successful. Tomorrow I need to tackle my trousers and skirts, then I’ve gone through all my clothing. *Socks, undies & PJ’s are included but I’d already recently gone through these recently. Coats are included also but those all bring me joy haha! (I need Kondo herself to help me part with some of those!!).

Let me know how you get on! Do you find it peaceful to thank your old clothes for their service? Did you have one item of clothing that brought you particular joy?

L xx

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