A very hyggestund evening.

Last night I went to the theatre.

To watch a play, which turned out not to be the best of my life but certainly worth seeing for it’s mixture of ideas and the story, which is one I may pick up for a read.



There is not a moment more hyggestund than a moment spent with an old friend. So old in fact I don’t ever remember my life without her. She has become a theatre critic for a well known, all things theatre and arts website (see link below). So, finally being free I was able to accompany her to the opening night of Passage to India , shown at the Bristol Old Vic. I met her for dinner and then we pottered over to the theatre. A theatre in which we both used to attend their young company and have known it, equally, our whole lives.

The theatre itself is a fantastic space, the auditorium is rich with colour and small to make you all feel bundled up together, as a collective. It’s being renovated too so the bar had a little, sectioned off, cozy press section with atmospheric lights to keep it slightly in the dark but also cozy and little glasses of wine to warm you up. The play added to the warmth with rich music and lighting, echoing around the space.

Inside the auditorium at BOV

Reconnecting after a long time of not seeing one another was great, sharing stories of things we’ve done and places we’ve been, all tied up with a big bow of watching a piece of theatre – something we both love to do.

My hyggelig recommendation for this week is to reach out and connect with an old friend, exchange some e-mails, or better yet meet up! Even if it’s just a quick coffee after work, or a spot of lunch on your break from work. Nothing’s better than spending time with your nearest and dearest.

L xx

A great place to catch what’s on in the theatre world – Exeunt Magazine

*again not an ad, just a recommendation from myself*


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