Have a hyggestund moment.

Definition: –

A purely hygge moment.

I feel I’m having a hyggestund moment as I write this. I’m sat curled up with one of my dogs (who has just had a little bath so is all toasty) under a blanket, candles (very important) burning with a cozy, christmassy scent (it’s still cold enough for pine smells!) and, of course, I have a hot drink on the coffee table next to me.

As with everyone, winter, whilst filled with celebrations and family, is also a little gloomy and the time of the year when we all feel a little down. Whilst hygge can and should be present all year, when we have the January blues we can need it even more.

In the wide range of fabulous Danish vocab that defines what is and isn’t hygge (in a fabulous book I will be reviewing in another post) it is hyggestund which defines a moment which is itself filled with hygge goodness.

To create a moment like this all you need are some of your favourite hyggelig (another form of the word hygge) items and voila, you have your hyggestund. My recommendation is, after a long day at work, no doubt experiencing some of those January blues I mentioned to do the following:

Turn on the heat (fire/radiator) + Grab a blanket + Make a cuppa of your choice + Pick up your fav book or switch on a classic comedy + Switch your phone off

Yup. I did add switch your phone off. I always tend to have my phone on me but even if you can’t bring yourself to turn it off, put it on charge in another room. Taking 30 mins or more time to yourself and switching off the outside world (social media etc) will give you a boost and time for you to absorb what you’ve done in the day so far. Being hygge is being comfortable and at peace, how can you feel that with that tell tale ping?

L x

Book of interest: The Little Book Of Hygge: The Danish Way To Live Well by Meik Wiking.



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