Book recommendation: The Language of Flowers, A Miscellany – Mandy Kirkby

The language of Flowers
The Language of Flowers by Mandy Kirkby

Don’t you love fresh flowers? Nothing better to bring the outdoors in and brighten a room.

I’m lucky to have a family who are keen gardeners, including a botanist and the meaning of flowers often crop up. My Mum, for example, used to help with the flowers at the church we went to and they only used certain flowers on certain days depending on the theme of the service or time of year. For example, we always gave pansies to our Mums on Mothering Sunday to represent our love for them, their kindness and the flower’s connections to the start of spring and the season of rebirth.

This book is a great pick if, like me, you want to research different flowers. On each page you can learn their meaning and you can fill your house with flowers that, not only look good, but mean something to you. An example I’ve just looked up in the book are yellow roses, gifted to me from a friend. It says that they symbolise friendship.

‘The Language of Flowers, A Miscellany – Mandy Kirkby’

L x


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