The Little Book Of Hygge

So, I stumbled across the word hygge a few years back and I fell in love with the concept.

My Aunt and I on a beach, as a teen, I got that hiraeth feeling.

I was living in Wales at the time and they have a word, Hiraeth. Hiraeth means to long for a homeland or place of comfort which is in the past or somewhat unattainable. This is a feeling which for me personally can describe that restless but cozy feeling you can sometimes get whilst somewhere on holiday perhaps, staring out to sea, watching the waves crash.

Anyway, I digress.

I love the word hiraeth, whilst is describes hopelessness it also makes me feel comforted. However, coming across the word hygge completely filled me with joy. Hygge is a cozy, comfortable feeling but one that encompasses sheer happiness, rather than that restless feeling of it’s Welsh counterpart.

So, having mentioned this word every other sentence (probably not an exaggeration) I picked up this book by Meik Wiking. The book covers all aspects of Hygge. It introduces what the concept is, it’s alter egos around the world and how best to achieve it in day to day life. One of my go to hyggeligs is a good, long burning candle. Chapter one opens with candles, so you can see the attraction.

Importantly, this book is created using research created by The Happiness Institution of Copenhagen so this book actually links into the happiness created by hygge and also the impact (again see chapter one and those candles) it has on you and the environment around you, positive and negative. The candles were the negative unfortunately, highly polluting and not to mention Meik writes on numerous occasions to ventilate those rooms in which candles are burned. However, the positives were plenty, making your house more of a home and getting you better connected with nature and your friends.

If you have found this blog then guesses are you are a hygge lover or coming across the concept of hygge for the first time. If you match either of those then I would highly recommend this as a read. By the end of it you almost feel like a Dane, sat in your country log cabin eating Snobrød and washing it down with a warm glass of Gløgg.

L x

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