Catch up: January 2021

I’m just writing a little post to say Happy New Year! Ermm, or maybe not…

January has seen our third lockdown here in the UK and personally it has been a struggle as I’m sure it has with lots of people. My big one has been feeling financially secure so, I’ve been trying to find permanent teaching work as well as trying to pin point exactly what it is that makes a good CV or application…

A lot has also been going on with loved ones recently, mostly medical related (but not Covid!) so stopping to smell the roses has been more important to me recently. Not punishing myself for hideously long lie-ins (which happen a lot), spending my first coffee of the day soaking in all the bird-life outside with Matt in our little garden, working out a little and focusing on some Turtle tank reno – I’ll share all in a post and introduce you to Arthur out Turtle!

January has whizzed by but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. Roll on coming out of lockdown and seeing a little normalcy return. What has January felt like for you? Have you been trying to embrace slowing down or focusing on different things?

L xx

Photo by Petr Ganaj

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