Hump-Day Hygge

Recently, I have realised, I am not giving myself anytime to be mindful of me. This is a number one rule of hygge! You can spend this time alone or with loved ones but creating this time is essential.

Bristol HArbour
From one of the doglet walks earlier today

So, today is the middle of the week. Yes! We cry, as we hurry through the day’s tasks, racing for that Friday feeling, knowing it’s one step closer. I would like you all to stop the rushing. Yes, we are nearer Friday but it is important to take each day as it comes and take some time out to create some space and peace for your mind.

Here are some mid-week activities you could take part in to create that perfect hump-day hyggestund (hygge moment). No matter how brief, I promise you, it’s worth making time for yourself.

Hot chocolate time with my brother
  • Take a break and grab a coffee with friends or family. If it’s after work or in between your mid-week chores make time to pop to your nearby coffee shop or just create the time at home. Being sociable during a stressful week rather than at the end can create space to vent anything niggling you at work or in your personal life and leave you feeling content that you’ve aired it. Perhaps, it creates at platform to leave your problem there or it could give you a resolution, leaving Thursday as a bright new day with no clouds over your head.


  • I have done this today actually but find something free to do in your lunch break. By this I mean, find an art gallery or museum that you can look around just for 30 minutes or so. Many public spaces have exhibitions on that you can wander around – I’m not suggesting you do a stressful march around a whole museum! I often pop into the Bristol Museum as they have my favourite painting by Sir Frank Dicksee (yes… a real surname). I just pop in there sometimes to look at it. By absorbing yourself into something else you take your mind off what day of the week it is, what you are doing the rest of the day and any problems you may be experiencing. Who knows you may learn something new as well. This I definitely suggest doing.
La Belle Dame sans merci by Sir Frank Dicksee 1902
  • Creating a Friday feeling activity. Yes, open that bottle of wine and watch a movie. Or go out for a dinner date with friends or your partner. Creating that relaxed vibe that you feel on a Friday can really set you up for the rest of the week. You’ll feel happy that you’ve done something you want to do and it doesn’t have to be a late one either. Sometimes the week can feel like you are sleeping and working, sleeping and working, so to create a fun activity in the middle of the week can leave you feeling excited to do it and also gives your mind something joyful to experience mid-week.


  • Get outside! Always a hygge must if the weather is sunny! (If it’s raining then sitting by a window with a candle and a good book is the best alternative). Today was really sunny here in Bristol and created a great excuse to take the doggies out on really long walks! Walking is a great stress reliever and can often give you the space to clarify your thoughts or create a great idea.
Grass wall
A wall of greenery on a Bristol University building

These activities are really all about mindfulness. The main focus is to spend 30 minutes or more doing something you really enjoy doing this hump-day. Hygge is about living simply and being mindful of yourself and others. Try one of these activities and you will feel refreshed for the rest of the week. Knowing you’ve taken the time for yourself and not let yourself get bundled up in the idea that Friday is coming. That Friday is the goal and nothing else matters. You matter, so treat yourself to something you enjoy.

L xx

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