Spring/ Summer ’18

I decided to take 3 key trends I love for spring/ summer 2018 and find key pieces I already have in my wardrobe. After all, fashion is all about recycling past trends, we’re celebrating the 90s (wish I’d saved some of those hand-me-downs I hated as a child), we’ve seen the 50s and everything in between. So what are some key trends I love this spring/ summer:

1. Trench Coats

I have a gorgeous light, tan trench from Warehouse from about 2008/2009. What I’m seeing from 2018 trenches are that they are oversized, almost as if you’ve borrowed your business man boyfriend’s coat in rainy New York or Chicago – looking back to every 90s chick flick in my mind. At the moment I’m also seeing them layered with hoodies underneath them and from fashion walks, even layered over one another. Now, I don’t have two trench coats but I can certainly rock the hoodie and the trench.

Look Hoodie
Hoodie, my own from sixth form (I’d bought a large at the time) and trench coat, Warehouse

2. Bras on show

This next trend extends to your whole outfit if you so wish. Grab those matching sets of underwear you save for special occasions – make sure they’re your granny knickers and voila! A Key trend. Think those lovely flowery dresses you see on Instagram, sheer black numbers dotted with embroidered, wild flowers and then you wear big black knickers underneath and a gorgeous, lacy bra. I sadly don’t own one of these dresses – although I would love to (if you have any suggestions of where to pick up budget ones, comment below!) but I do have a casual, green tee that I can wear a lovely lacy black bra under. Perhaps with my newly acquired mom jeans and my grandma’s vintage pink belt?

Look Pastel
Top, Primark Bra, H&M (I get all my lingerie from there in the sales), Jeans, La Redoute (again amazing winter sale buy) and belt, vintage curtesy of Grandma

3. Ice cream pastels

This one I love because my palette of choice is pastel. I love baby pinks and light shades of blue. Mint, cream and lilac are also shades of delicious that are popping up for spring and summer this year. I have some lovely pieces in these colours but I’ll stick to my everyday, which will be celebrating the colour of strawberries and girls – this is our year after all. I would probably keep it simple with this lovely button down, light, denim skirt I have and pair it with my softest tee, in colour and material. My ‘Primarni’ soft, pink tee and for when Britain is living up to it’s name and leaving me a little chillier than desired, I’ll add my La Redoute, pink, quilted, diagonal zipped jacket. I loved this find in their amazing winter sales they have! I bought it for such a steal.

Look Sheer
Top, Primark and Skirt, La Redoute (I also have some lush Jesus sandals from George, Asda which would go really well with this look)
Quilted jacket
Quilted jacket, La Redoute

Which fashion picks do you like for spring/ summer 2018? Let me know, maybe I can try to find some more items in my wardrobe! Check out my Instagram to see who I follow for the latest fashion @blondehygge.

L xx



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