Bloggers I love

Seeming as we’ve all been in lockdown, it’s made me wonder if people have taken to or are reading blogs more. So, I thought I’d share the blogs I really enjoy to flick through and why the bloggers inspire me.

green plant on white wooden table

Petra Alexandra

She is a conscious, minimalist Canadian blogger who I love for inspiration on simple living, enjoying what you have and trying to be more eco-friendly in all things, from food to clothing to living.

I follow her on Instagram where she shares day to day outfits and her journey into becoming a home owner and all the renovation and styling that comes with that. Something which I missed the boat on was her May 30 x 30 challenge. To choose 30 items from your wardrobe and mix and match them for the month of May without wearing any others. Such a great idea! Especially as we’re now all tempted to shop and shop from the comfort of our laptops, it’s reminding us that we do have gems already, they just need some airtime! So, I may try this another time!

green wooden window on white concrete wall

Courtney Halverson

Otherwise known as Pretty little fawn. Courtney is an LA based actress and blogger and I was drawn to her blog and Instagram by the beautiful lighting of all her posts and the fact that she is an actress like myself – albeit a far more successful one! She inspired me because she works both jobs, a blogger and an actress and loves both. Being in a position where other work is a must, it keeps me going because seeing others have two jobs makes me believe I can do it too (although I doubt I’ll make it as a professional blogger any time soon)!

She loves to travel, so her blog is full of inspirational places to discover and great recommendations of where to stay and eat. I really enjoyed her photo diary of her trip to Belfast and her outfits whilst there make me want to pull out all my jumpers even in the warmth of springtime! She shops at gorgeous places like Sezane and has got me very good at window shopping for staple, chic, simple pieces.

pink mug and magazine

Kristabel Plummer

Kristabel’s blog is called I want you to know and it’s fantastic. Full of fashion, travel and lifestyle posts, I especially love her blog right now because of her Lockdown Diaries. They’re such a relatable source of inspiration for how to get through these strange times and finding ways of sorting out those house projects you’ve been meaning to do for a while, like her latest one where she collaborates with Habitat to makeover her balcony. Her honesty on life, money and blogging is such a breath of fresh air and her Instagram gives you a great snapshot of this. I especially love watching her stories as she has a lot of great conversations about thoughts and feelings she’s having.


I hope you have fun looking through these as much as I do.

L xx




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