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Hi all,

I haven’t written on my blog for a really long time. My last post was all about the bees and with this gorgeous weather I should encourage you to have another read over it as there may be more needing our help back to pollinating. I’m also trying out this new layout and design so I hope you like it.

I’ve been reading over some of my favourite blogger’s websites the past couple of days and I’m feeling inspired to post again. My top 3 writers du jour, if not just full stop forever to be honest are:

  1. NamasteHannah – she is a cool, calm & collected Berliner who’s created one enviable lifestyle, having had her struggles which she is bravely and helpfully open about, she creates beautiful posts, drawings, magazines ect. and I think she’s just great so check out her website here.
  2. Healthylifemary – a.k.a Maryline from France. She’s a new Mum who likes to cook, travel and stay healthy. I follow her on Instagram and I love her writing style (partly to desperately practice my failing French but I do also do a bit of Google translating it has to be said) and how approachable she is. Follow her on Instagram or go and look at her website.
  3. Aliceliveing – Now Alice Liveing hasn’t got a website but her Instagram is a great source of inspiration, a sharing of knowledge and full of sunshine and positivity. Every time I go on her account her stories are fresh, exciting and she always has great top tips for exercise, health and well being, from her own knowledge and the help of her friends. Check out her Instagram to share in her enthusiasm for go-getting and life.

People in my life day to day inspire me all the time, for example, my parents who packed up everything and moved abroad to work and enjoy Bulgaria with it’s amazing culture, and my partner who is studying Veterinary Science which is a long and difficult journey. However, I find taking inspiration from women of a similar age who have achieved or are achieving goals you can aspire to is a great way to remind yourself that you can do it too! We are all individuals and should celebrate that but there’s nothing better than sharing loved and ideas among each other and the internet provides a platform  to do this internationally too!

L xx



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