Monday Motivation: Seizing the Day

This weekend has been a surreal one, for the Brit at least, in regards to the weather. We’ve been teased with springtime, beaming sun and actual warmth and it’s been taken away from us as quickly as it arrived with snow and ice!


So Monday has arrived and the snow is just about still here and I have to say I’m not feeling massively motivated to do my best this Monday. In fact I am sat in my partner’s dressing gown, munching on some chocolate. I have, however, already made a lesson plan and cooked a warming breakfast to combat the cold weather outdoors. Next on the agenda is to wrap up even more and head outside to walk the doggies.

It is the little things that pull you through and help keep you motivated and last week I shared three of my top tips for waking up early and making the most of your day. This Monday I’d like to share some more tips for the rest of the day.

  • Write a to do list. I love my diary and writing everything down so, grab yourself a lovely notepad and, perhaps, whilst you’re eating your breakfast make that to do list for the day. The trick with this list is not just to write the big things, for example, assignment due at midday or pay in cheque. With my to do list I write everything down, get laundry washed, sweep kitchen, have lunch. When you itemize everything you are doing this Monday it makes it more rewarding to see them ticked off. It will also give you a genuine look at what’s left for you to do today or move over to tomorrow. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t complete your to do list! You’re not a Stepford-wife and you should never aspire to be one.
  • Drink lots of water and have some snacks on the go. Water is vital to keeping your mind clear and feeling less groggy. In our colder climate (UK), it is recommended we consume 1.2 Litres of water per day to avoid dehydration so try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and that should amount to about 1.2L. Also having healthy snacks prepared helps with the age old problem of grazing. Grazing can really help someone like me to stay full in between meals but it is only a positive activity when I have healthy snacks pre-made. Buy packs of mixed nuts and seeds and have some in a little bowl so that you can snack as you work. You’ll find they’ll fill you up more than crisps and chocolate and keeping them close to hand will prevent you going on the hunt for less healthy options.
  • Move around. Don’t keep yourself locked to one space or room. For example, if you work in a booth at an office or in your own study at home, make sure you take breaks by going and refilling that glass of water, or popping outside for some air. Keeping yourself for hours in one spot can leave you feeling uninspired and unmotivated, slowing down your working. Equally if you are a student or don’t currently work, make sure you have a change of scene at some point in the day. Perhaps, as hopefully spring WILL be on it’s way soon, eat your lunch outside or if you’re running an errand out of the house you could stop for a coffee at your favourite spot. These changes of scene don’t need to take more than five minutes, they just need to be enough to breath in some fresh air and clear your mind a little.


So, these are some more top tips from me to keep you motivated this Monday day! Hope it helps you achieve what you want today.

L xx

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