5 Low Key Valentines Day Ideas 💡


Saint Valentine is on his way very shortly (next Wednesday to be precise!) and I hear more complaints than squeals of excitement. No one seems to be chattering about secret admirers or how many red roses they’re going to buy.

If you’re not so into this February ritual but still like to do something then I have a few great ideas on keeping it low key this month. After all, why not use Valentine’s Day as a great excuse to set some more time aside for you and your partner or friends.

Here are my top 5 low key valentines ideas (in no particular order):

1. Play a board game. Yup. I love it. My partner and I have just bought the Pointless official board game, as we love a bit of quizzing, and it is so much fun! Set an evening aside, put the phones down and settle in to a good game. We also played some top trumps the other night which was a laugh and it was animal themed so suited us down to the ground. A top present from my little brother! Any game will do, Monopoly or cards, Pictionary or Trivial Pursuits. Learning a new game is always a top tip as it’s something to figure out together.

2. Embrace the hyggestund! Get the blankets out, candles lit, hot drinks and snacks at the ready and watch a movie you’ve been meaning to watch, or binge a favourite series of yours. Again, just making time to spend together doing one thing gets you closer without having to splash the cash. Going to the movies at home also means you can have a chatter or pause it to top up on your snacks and you won’t have missed a thing!

3. Cook off. Get out the recipe books and, with your partner, pick something to cook. Go and get the ingredients together and then have roles in the kitchen. One of you chop the veg and one of you stir what’s in the pan for example. Or another idea could be to make your own pizzas and have a competition as to who has the best toppings.

4. Go to a pub quiz! My partner and I try go every so often. We go with a couple of our mates and it’s a great time all together, having a couple of drinks, testing our general knowledge (usually pretty poor) and having a great laugh. If quizzes aren’t your thing maybe try a comedy night or going to watch a gig at a small, local venue.

5. Get outdoors. There’s nothing more refreshing than going for a long walk with your partner and your doggies or going for a cycle ride. Cold, crisp days, like those in February, are great days to wrap up warm and go for a walk round a park or local estate, like Ashton Court in Bristol. It not only clears your mind but also creates a bubble in which you and your loved one can focus solely on each other with no other distractions.

With friends

Do you and your partner and/or friends also celebrate an understated Valentine’s Day? Will you be trying any of these ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

L xx


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